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The 2017 Dates are as follows: 

Girls:  February 25-26

Boys: March 4-5

2017 Registration

Brackets are now posted.

Registration for the Rochester basketball tournament is now closed.

We are also no longer accepting move requests.

The Team listings will be up dated by Feb. 5th.

Brackets will be posted tomorrow or Wednesday of this week.

2017 Tournament Director


Greg Bone

Tournament App

Use the links below to download the tournament app which will provide score updates after each game.

Apple App

Click the link above to download the Tournament app for Apple Devices

Android App

Please select the link above to download the tournament app for Android Devices

Tie Break Rules

1st Tie Breaker:     Most wins

2nd Tie Breaker:    Head-to-head results

3rd Tie Breaker:     Point differential by subtracting the total number of points allowed from the total number of points scored

4th Tie Breaker:     Points allowed

2017 Annual Tournament Sponsors

80 25th St SE Rochester, MN 55904 (507) 282-9400

187 16th Ave. SW, Rochester, MN 55902 (507) 258-4444

2018 Dates


Girls:  Feb 24-25

Boys:  March 3-4

For additional questions contact the Tournament Director:

Greg Bone at:


RCYBA Renegade Policy

  • Open/All-star and Renegade Team Policy

    RCYBA will no longer allow renegade teams to participate in RCYBA sponsored tournaments.  RCYBA will adopt Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) definition of a renegade team.
    The team's coach and a representative parent may petition RCYBA to justify how the team-in-question does not qualify as a 'Renegade Team' as set forth in the MYAS Travel Basketball Guidelines.

    RCYBA will accept Open/All-Star teams as defined by MYAS. These teams will automatically be placed in the "A" bracket of the teams applicable age group. The team's coach and a representative parent may petition RCYBA to justify a different bracket placement.  

    MYAS definitions of unique teams.   
    • "Open/All-Star":  An "all-star" team is defined as any team that is comprised of players from multiple communities where recognized youth associations exists. 
    • "Renegade/Independent":   A "renegade/independent" team is defined as any team that is comprised of players who all reside in the same community or attend the same school, but who have chosen to bypass the local traveling association.

    Refusal Policy

    RCYBA reserves the right to refuse entry to any team that has not exhibited good conduct throughout the entire season or in past RCYBA tournaments.