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2015 Tournament Survey

2015 Brackets

Tie Break Rules

1st Tie Breaker:     Most wins

2nd Tie Breaker:    Head-to-head results

3rd Tie Breaker:     Point differential by subtracting the total number of points allowed from the total number of points scored

4th Tie Breaker:     Points allowed

2015 Dates

Girls Tournament: February 21 - 22

Boys Tournament: February 28 - March 1

2016 Dates

Girls:  February 27-28, 2016

Boys:  March 5-6, 2016

2015 Tournament Director

Brynn Hanken is the 2015 Tournament Director.  She can be reached via email. 

2015 Lodging Information

The link below provides lodging information for the 2015 tournament.    If you have any questions please contact the Tournament Director.  


Merchandise will be available during each tournament.  

Girls tournament will have merchandise available at JM High School, RCTC and the National Volleyball Center.

During the boys tournament, merchandise will be available at RCTC, National Volleyball Center, Byron High School, and Mayo High School. 

2014-2015 Annual Tournament Sponsors