The RCYBA 2nd Grade Program is designed to introduce young players in 2nd grade to the game of basketball with a combined session of skills works and moving into a full 5 on 5 game. The program will allow the children to learn the basic skills in a fun atmosphere. The program runs for 5  weeks.

This program will form teams and WILL NEED parent(s) to help coach each team.  Two teams will share a court (each team will have ½ the court) for the skills work.  On the weeks where teams move into 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 the teams sharing a court will be the team they compete against.


Season Dates:


October 28- All skills work (1 hour)

November 4- Skills then 3 on 3 (1.5 hours)

November 11- Skills then 3 on 3 (1.5 hours)

December 2- Skills then 3 on 3 OR 5 on 5 (1.5 hours)

December 9- Skills then 5 on 5 (1.5 hours)

Registration Fee:


Equipment provided by RCYBA: 

Each player will be provided revisable jersey

Equipment provided by player:

Clean pair of athletic shoes and a 27.5” basketball


Teams are formed by RCYBA and based on current school attendance. All efforts will be made to keep team sizes at a level that will allow for a significant amount of playing time.

The goal is to have no more than 10 players per team.


Players are randomly placed on teams.  Players or coaches are NOT allowed to pick their teams.

** Please note based on numbers players schools may be equally divided with another school to keep teams no more than our goal of 10 players.


The first session will start between 8 and 9am.  


Dakota Middle School