Injuries During Play

  • If injuries occur during tournament play, the RCYBA will assist as follows:
    • Site coordinators at each tournament location will have a supply of ice packs for injuries and will have phone numbers handy for emergency help.
    • We will try and have medical staff at various sites to assist with injuries that occur. There is a shortage of qualified medial staff that is preventing us from having a medical person at every site.
  • Ultimately the decision and action of making a 911 call should occur by the injured player’s parent or coach.Medical Staff available will be present to consult and advise on injuries but will not be making any calls to 911.

Emergency Needs while In Rochester

  • If you need emergency care while in Rochester, there are 2 emergency rooms where evening and weekend urgent care is provided.
    • Saint Marys Hospital
      1216 Second Street SW
      Rochester, MN 55902(507) 255 5123
    • Olmsted Medical Center Hospital
      1650 Fourth St. SE
      Rochester, MN 55904(507) 529-6600