The League Program is designed to provide boys and girls, 3rd through 6th grade, the opportunity to play the game of basketball without having to travel out of town. The program will allow the children to learn the basic skills in a fun, fast paced game situation. The program runs for up to 7-8 weeks (nothing during the Thanksgiving week) and teams will have one 1.5 hour practice a week plus up to two games on Saturdays.  The program is completed before the Rochester Public School Winter Break.  If your child is in 3rd or 4th grade and would like to continue on with basketball after the first of the year look into the LATE TRAVEL program for them.

PARENT Coaches will be selected be selected by RCYBA.


All age groups will play 5-on-5 unless the numbers are low and a 4-on-4 league would be better for playing time.  This decision will be made after registration closes and teams have been formed.


October - December 2023

Registration Fee: $145.00
Equipment provided by RCYBA: Each player will be provided RCYBA jersey
Equipment provided by PLAYER: * CLEAN and DRY pair of athletic shoes
* Dark shorts should be worn
     3rd & 4th grade, girls & boys: 27.5" basketball
     5th-6th grade girls: boys; 28.5' basketball

Teams are formed by RCYBA and based on current school attendance. All efforts will be made to keep team sizes at a level that will allow for a significant amount of playing time.


Teams will be formed by grade level UNLESS the numbers are low and age groups need to be combined.  If grade levels need to be combined they will be 3/4 grade and 5/6 grade.  The goal is to have each grade level be their own division.


The goal is to have no more than 10 players per team.


Players are randomly placed on teams.  Players or coaches are NOT allowed to pick their teams.


** Please note based on numbers players schools may be equally divided with another school to keep teams  no more than our goal of 10 players.


- Each team will have ONE 1 1/2 hour  practice each week  

- Practices will be between 6:30-8:30 pm

- Practices are scheduled usually Monday  - Thursday (RCYBA tries to keep team practices to the same day and location when possible throughout the season)

- Practice locations will vary throughout the season; based on gym space availability

- Practices schedules are posted 1-2 weeks in advance.


2023 Saturday game dates: 

October 28 

November 4

November 11

December 2

December 9


- Each team will play UP TO two (2) games each Saturday.  The December 9 games will be the play off games and teams could play more than 2 games depending on the number of teams in the division.
- Game schedules will be posted once the season starts and at least 1 week prior to the first league game date


All games will be played at the National Volleyball Center


Coach Selection:

League teams are coaches by PARENTS!  Please consider helping to coach your child’s team. 


If you would like to be considered as a coach please fill out the coaches registration.  If selected as a coach you would coach your child's team.


Rules & Policies:
Code of Conducts:

League Team Formation

  • Teams are formed as 3-4 & 5-6 grade for girls & boys by current school first then high school area.
  • We do not have tryouts/evaluations for league participants.
  • Teams are divided as equally as possible.This is easier to do for the older grades as we have some historical perspective on each player.
  • The number of registered players, along with who is willing to coach, will also impact team formation.
  • League teams can vary in size from 7 to 13 players, realizing that 9 is optimal, but not always possible. We may combine players from outside the current school (i.e.; place Elton Hills and Gage players together) to make the number of players per team balance.
  • Practice time for league teams: one  1 1/2 hours per week. 
  • League practices begin the 3rd or 4th week of October, possibly first week of November depending on the calendar year.

League Playing Time Expectations

  • Equal participation per game is the goal of our league. However, please realize that playing time for every game will not be perfectly distributed. As consistently missing practices, showing up late and/or any discipline issues, etc. might also impact playing time.


  • RCYBA will provide a jersey for league game play.
  • The cost for a house league jersey is factored into registration.
  • For league game players will need to wear their provided jersey and dark shorts.

RCYBA League Rules