Practice Times and Locations

  • As we reviewed our most recent round of year end surveys, the most common area for constructive feedback by a wide margin was around practice schedules and facilities.
  • As always, we appreciate the feedback, and do our best to make improvements based on the survey information.
  • This particular area of concern, however, will continue to be a challenge for the foreseeable future.  That said, we felt you deserved an explanation of our scheduling goal and the challenges that we have to work around and why we can not schedule a constant practice schedule.
  •  RCYBA would like to be able to schedule each teams practice schedule in advance of the season starting and have teams practice at the same time and location for the duration of the season, but that is not possible as we have to schedule around all the school activities.  If we have a gym scheduled and a school decides they need to gym for a school activity, RCYBA is removed from the gym schedule during that time. 
  • RCYBA has to work through Community Education to reserve gym space along with all other organizations trying to reserve gym space, including the schools. After the schools and Community Educations schedule their events, Community Education then opens gym space to other organizations on a "first come first served" basis.
  • As mentioned above the school district and Community Education has first choice of gyms and times. And they do not submit their schedule until after school starts. We then have to schedule around any other after school activities.
  • While many school activities are set in advance, those schedules are subject to change. Therefore, our schedules change (sometimes the week or day before or even day of an RCYBA scheduled practice). Therefore, Community Education will not let us schedule more than 2 weeks out for weekday gym use. Because of this we advise you check your practice schedule frequently.
  • These are the primary reasons why your respective team may rotate between a different times and facilities. Additionally, some gyms are better than others, and we feel it best to ensure each team has, at least, occasional access to the better gyms.
  • Practice times are typically between 6:30 and 9:30 pm and possible as late as 10:00 pm. This is because where there is SAC we can not get into the building till 30 minutes after SAC leaves. This creates a constant debate over who should take the late shift. There is no right or wrong answer.   In general we TRY to have the younger grade have later practice, but this is not alway workable.
  • Because RCYBA is presses for gym space we will and do hold practices on Wednesday nights.  There is not way around this.  Please know prior to registering that your child may practice on a Wednesday night.
  • Finally, most teams will experience the following frustration at once per year... You show up for your practice, and the gym is closed, the janitor is gone, or the janitor didn't have you on the schedule and won't let you in. No excuses, but in these rare occasions, there was a communication breakdown between either our schedulers, Community Education, the school and/or janitors. Normally, this is caused by a last minute change of some sort. While frustrating, you can make the best of this difficult situation by driving to another nearby gym on the schedule and share the court with another team. We encourage teams to be welcoming of another team caught in this situation.

Point to note:  Only coaches may contact RCYBA to discuss the possibility of a schedule change or scheduling needs.  Email will not be address regarding the practice schedule unless they are from a team's head coach.

Thank you for your appreciation and understanding, making the best of these scheduling challenges.  Finding available court time is tough in most communities, but ours is especially difficult.  Simply put, we need more basketball courts.

Practice Schedule site

Schedule times and locations for practices each week are posted at this location. Check the applicable high school file for your team.