Communicating within RCYBA

There is a lot of information out there regarding RCYBA, from when to register a player to how RCYBA schedules and forms teams. This can lead to a lot of questions. The following is an outline on how best to communicate within RCYBA. 

General RCYBA Questions.

Most information regarding RCYBA can be found on our website. The home page will post important upcoming events and provide links to key areas such as, descriptions to the various programs RCYBA offers, practice schedules, helpful information for parents/coaches and policies to name a few. Please explore the website. If you still have a question, there is a contact link on the home page you can use to submit your question.  The question will be forwarded to the appropriate person within RCYBA.

Please Note: if you have a question specific to your child, please include the child’s name, grade, team name (if applicable) and high school boundary you live in (Century, JM or Mayo). This will help us in responding to your question.

Registration Questions

If you have a question regarding registration please send a note to;

If the registration question is regarding the registration status of your child please include your child’s name, school and registration entry number.

Issues and Concerns

Any concerns/issues a parent may have should follow this process…

In Regards to coach and team.

1) If the question/issue/concern is regarding the team or coach, the parent and/or player should first approach their coach requesting to set up a time to talk to them. Do not send an email.  A conversation typically provides more clarity than an email. This should be done in a calm non-confrontational manner. This will be a much easier path to a resolution. This meeting should also be done at a time and location that is beneficial for both the parent and coach. Usually after a practice may work best. We do recommend parents, players, coaches follow the "24 hour rule" (time to cool off a bit), before you bring an issue/concern to bring up to a coach. Approaching a coach immediately after a game or right before a practice is not recommended. As there will be insufficient time to discuss and emotions may not be at point for constructive discussions.

2) If the issue/concern cannot resolved; for traveling teams, then document the incident/issue/concern and submit to the RCYBA High School liaison. RCYBA liaisons are RCYBA Board members that support teams that are within each high school boundary. The liaison support many roles within RCYBA; connecting our youth program to their applicable high school, team formation, coaching selection and as a moderator for parents and coaches. The liaisons can be found at the link below.  Please note: the high school coaches do not intervene in RCYBA issues.

The liaison will investigate and document their findings. They will then offer a solution and meet to discuss with all parties, involved depending on the situation. 

For league teams, follow the above, however contact the League Coordinator.

3) If there is still no solution, the liaison/coordinator will bring the issue to the board for a final resolution.

Issues/Concerns with a RCYBA Program/Practice/Policy.

Document your concern and submit via the contact link on the home page. The concern will be forwarded to the RCYBA VP or President. Please do not submit an issue to all Board members.

Please note: anonymous or verbal complaints to the RCYBA will not be addressed.