The most important link to a child’s involvement with a sport can be their experience with their coach. As a non-profit organization we rely on volunteer coaches for our teams and we are always in need of more!!! 

Every year this is a scramble to find enough coaches.  Here is a quick example of the collateral damage that can occur by not having enough coaches. Let’s say a particular grade has 27 kids tryout for travel. If we have three head coach volunteers, then we have 3 perfectly sized teams of 9. If we have just two coaches, then we might go with two teams of 11 (too many players for proper game playing time) and cut 5 players (heartbreaking).

While it would be ideal for every team to have a coach that knows all the aspects of the game. With the number of teams RCYBA has, this is just not possible. However, we have seen many successful coaches who had a love of basketball, were organized and enjoyed helping kids, but know little about coaching the game.  A new coach might be surprised how quickly he or she can pick things up.  At the early grades, coaching is basically providing an introduction to and opportunity for kids play basketball. RCYBA can provide the resources and opportunities to provide a baseline to run successful and enjoyable practice. On game day, there is no need for a 100 page play book. Most times a handful of basic plays are all that is needed.

The following link will take you to our coaching page. Here one can find the RCYBA Coaches Manual, links to youth basketball coaching websites and other documentation that will help with the team.  Also, most of the high school coaches will provide a coaching clinic early in the season.

An additional consideration is that coaching is a team sport.  The assistant(s) should also be very involved and have a strong voice in everything going on.  We have seen more teams go to a three coach arrangement, lessening the pressure on one coach to run every single practice.  Additionally, the coach doesn’t have to be responsible for all the team communication (practice/game reminders, tourney info, etc.).  Let one of the parents pitch in and handle that.

For additional coaching information and to register as a coach please refer the Coaching Resources section.

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