• In the rare occurrence where a player has the ability to play up a grade the following requirements will need to be met. 
    • A request for the player to “play up” must be submitted to the RCYBA Administrator prior to tryouts and will needs to be approved by the Full RCYBA Board. The date for submission will change each year to align with the tryout dates and the RCYBA Board Meeting prior to tryouts.
      • The request needs to include:
        • a note in writing from the parents documenting the players desire to play up a grade.
        • Along with a note from a coach (that is not a parent of the player) recommending the player’s ability to play up a grade. 
    • If approved by the RCYBA Board the player will need to tryout at with the upper grade level they are requesting to play.
      • During tryouts the player will need to be evaluated as one of the top 5 player for that grade level's "A" team.
      • Players requesting playing up will cannot be placed on the "B" team.
    • IF the move up of the player will not impact team formation at the players grade or the higher grade. RCYBA will make this determination. 
  • If the player does not make the top 5 at the play up tryouts, they will placed at the appropriate level for their grade. 
  • Players can only play up 1 grade level.
  • Violations to this policy may result in dismissal from the program without refund.

2021-22 Play-up Request Date:

ALL play-up requests MUST be submitted by noon on August 11, 2021.

Please add the following text WITH players name in the email subject line: 2021-22 Play-up Request: "PLAYER NAME"