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League Program

5th - 8th Grade Boys League Program Overview

The 5th through 8th grade boys league program is a full 5-on-5 league program designed to continue and expand a player’s basic individual and team skills.

Players will be placed on teams based on the high school district they live in.  All efforts will be made to form balanced and fair teams.

  • 5th & 6th grade combined teams
  • 7th & 8th grade combines teams

Players are NOT allowed to play up a grade, unless approved by RCYBA. If found to be doing so, will result in an automatic expulsion from the program without refund. Refer to RCYBA Policy on trying out for higher-grade team (

Schedule times and locations for practices and games will be posted on the RCYBA website under the “PRACTICE SCHEDULE” and “LEAGUE” Tab on our Home Page.

Please note: RCYBA will would like to be able to schedule each teams practice schedule in advance of the season starting and have teams practice at the same time and location for the duration of the season, but that is not possible.  RCYBA works through Community Education to reserve the gym space and we need to schedule around all the school activities.  If we have a gym scheduled and a school decides they need to gym for school activity RCYBA is removed from the gym schedule during that time. 



November through Mid-January

2018 Registration Fee:


Equipment provided by RCYBA: 

Each player will be provided a reversible jersey.

Equipment provided by player:

Clean pair of athletic shoes. Dark shorts should be worn. 28.5 size basketball for 6th grade. Regulation size basketball for 7th and 8th.


Formed by RCYBA and based on the high school registration zone player is living in. Team size will be kept at a level that will allow for significant amount of playing time.


Each team will have 1-2 practice per week.

Skills camp / Scrimmages:

TBD: we are still working with the Timberwolves to see if we can provide a skills clinic for the 2018/2019 season.  More information to come.

Number of Games:

There will be 8 games PLUS playoffs. All games will be played on the following Saturdays:

December 1, 2018: 2 games

December 8, 2018: 2 games

December 15, 2018: 2 games

January 6, 2019: 2 games

January 12, 2019: League Play-offs



Coach Selection:

Coaches will be selected by RCYBA

Rules & Policies:
Code of Conducts: