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Refund Policy

The following is RCYBA's Tournament refund policy for various situations.

  • Team cancellations prior to registration closure will receive full refund of registration fee.*
  •  Team cancellations after registration closure and before posting of tournament brackets will receive 50% of registration fee. *
  • Team cancellations after the posting of tournament brackets will not receive a refund of registration fee.*
  • Cancellations made by RCYBA due to weather,  Covid-19 or other situations will have refunds issued. The amount of refund may be prorated  based if any costs have been incurred by RCYBA.  Examples would be bank/card fees for on line  registration payments, facility rental deposits,  etc.  

* Registration fees paid on line will not have bank/card fees refunded.

2021 Tournament Information Flyers

2021 Tournament Director


Greg Bone

Links to 2020 Tournament Brackets

Brackets are now posted. Click on links below.

Notice - For Boys Tournament, Due to a MSHSL Girls High School Sections semi-final game, we had to move the 3:30, 4:40, 5:45 and 6:50 games (9 games total) at Mayo High School to Century High School. We also had to move three 5th grade A division games at Century High School to down the hallway to the NVC. 

Please notice that along with the location changes, there have been some time changes for these games.

The divisions impacted are the 6th grade C Blue and Green and 5th grade A division. No other locations, divisions or game times are impacted.  

The online App and brackets have been updated and correctly reflect the schedule changes.

Tournament App

The tournament app which will provide full bracket and team schedules with up to date scores posted shortly after each game.  The links below can be used to load the App or you can also go to your App Store and search for RCYBA.  And then download.


Apple App

Click the link above to download the Tournament app for Apple Devices

Android App

Please select the link above to download the tournament app for Android Devices

Rochester Hotel Information



Girl's Hotel Listings

This is a list of hotels offering tournament discounts. This list does not include all hotels in Rochester.

2021 Dates

Girls:  Feb. 20-21

Boys:  Feb. 27-28

Boy's Tournament Hotel Listings

This is a list of hotels offering tournament discounts. This list does not include all hotels in Rochester.

2021 Tournament Registration.

Please click on the link below to register your team(s)

Please note due to the ongoing pandemic,  the required facility use requirements and game schedules has required us to reduce the number of teams we can host.  Some divisions may fill quickly.  If a division is full please fill a wait list request. 

Open Divisions for Girls and Boys Tournament

Grade 8th 7th 6th 5th 4th
A Full Full Full
B+ Full Full Not available
B Full Full Full
C Full Full Full
Grade 8th 7th 6th 5th 4th
B+ Not available

Open/All-star and Renegade Team Policy
RCYBA Tournament will no longer allow renegade teams to participate in the RCYBA tournament.  RCYBA Tournament will adopt Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) definition of a renegade team.
The team's coach and a representative parent may petition RCYBA Tournament Committee to justify how the team-in-question does not qualify as a 'Renegade Team' as set forth in the MYAS Travel Basketball Guidelines.

RCYBA will accept Open/All-Star teams as defined by MYAS. These teams will automatically be placed in the "A" bracket of the teams applicable age group. The team's coach and a representative parent may petition RCYBA Tournament Committee to justify a different bracket placement.  

MYAS definitions of unique teams.   

  • "Open/All-Star":  An "all-star" team is defined as any team that is comprised of players from multiple communities where recognized youth associations exists. 
  • "Renegade/Independent":   A "renegade/independent" team is defined as any team that is comprised of players who all reside in the same community or attend the same school, but who have chosen to bypass the local traveling association.

Refusal Policy

RCYBA Tournament reserves the right to refuse entry to any team that has not exhibited good conduct throughout the entire season or in past RCYBA tournaments.

2020 Tournament Documentation and Information

2020 Tournament Shirts

2020 RCYBA Shirts available at various locations during the tournament

2021 Rochester Tournament Wait List

Wait Lists:  If you were unable to enter a team in a grade and class, please send Greg a note with the following information:

  • Organization Name
  • Boys or Girls
  • Grade
  • Class
  • Team Name

We will maintain a waiting list. The list will be kept in order of the requests as they are received. We will notify you when there is an opening.  

Questions should be directed to:

Greg Bone


Tournament Sponsors

187 16th Ave. SW, Rochester, MN 55902 (507) 258-4444

80 25th St SE Rochester, MN 55904 (507) 282-9400